Haskell French Jet Parure

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Price £850

Circa 1960
signed - Miriam Haskell
Ahhhh jewels to die for!!!!  Her pieces are so recognisable, using intricately hand wired clasps and centerpieces to decorate necklaces of glass beads and artificial pearls. She made exquisite jewellery, which is highly sought after by collectors.  Here we have an absolutely stunning parure made of French Jet with her Russian gold plated décor. The French Jet has been combined with roundels set with clear crystals. It is wonderful that we have all three pieces. It is an incredible piece of workmanship. The necklace measures approx. 54cm extending to 58cm, the centrepiece measures 10x4.5cm. The bracelet measures 18x3.5cm, the centrepiece measures approx. 4x5cm. The clip earrings measure 3.8x3.2cm

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