Atwood & Sawyer Spray Pin

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Item asin825

Price £75

Circa 1960-80

Signed – A&S

Atwood and Sawyer was founded in England in 1956 by Horace Atwood (Sawyer was a silent partner). They produced top quality copies of 18th and 19 century jewellery.  According to Judith Miller’s “Costume Jewellery” book, they designed many pieces for the Dallas and Dynasty TV series.  It is very difficult to date these pieces accurately, but this has been so well made I think that it is earlier rather than later. The rhodium plated metal has been fashioned into a beautiful flower with tendrils. The brooch has been set with high quality crystals (probably Swarovski) in clear and sapphire blue. Measures approx. 5.5x3.5cm

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