About us

In a complete turnaround from her 16 year job with a leading insurance company, following voluntary redundancy, Moira Teale decided to fulfil her passion for all things beautiful and turn it into a way of life. Consequently, the doors to Chic and Unique opened on 11 April 2004.  Stepping into Chic and Unique is like turning the clock back, with its relaxed and comfortable atmosphere; it truly is an oasis of sumptuous elegance.   In this day and age when we are all busy Moira is simply trying to bring back a touch of the glamour that we all deserve, by allowing us to savour and buy into, her beautiful collection of vintage costume jewellery, which is both ageless and elegant.

The vintage costume jewellery displayed is sourced from all over the world.  In particular are pieces by Miriam Haskell, a protégé of Coco Chanel, Marcel Boucher who was apprenticed to Cartier, Hobe a designer for the Ziegfeld follies and last, but certainly not least, the style icon of the 20th century and creator of the New Look – Christian Dior.

In addition, Chic and Unique gives you the opportunity to own cut steel from the Georgian period, Whitby jet made popular by the Victorians, beautiful paste and crystal jewellery from the Edwardian decade. Also on offer are wonderful organic pieces from the Art Nouveau period through to the bold geometric designs of the Art Deco era.

We also feature a range of original vintage evening and day bags, compacts, cufflinks, hatpins, perfume bottles and tiaras. Each piece is unique and collectable, providing the ideal gift or a treat for ones self. We aim to offer a wonderful shopping experience in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. 


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